Below is the list of punishment types.

Death sentences

This is the list of death sentences, with the most severe at the top and the less severe at the bottom.

  1. Being sent to the TOTentration Camp
  2. Death by disintegration
  3. Dumped at the crater of Mount TOT
  4. Being beaten to death
  5. Death by Facehugger
  6. Death by Predator
  7. Death by man-eating parasite
  8. Death by crucifixion
  9. Death by firing squad
  10. Being hanged
  11. Necklacing
  12. Getting boiled to death
  13. Burning at the stake
  14. Being skinned to death and then blown up
  15. Death by a thousand cuts
  16. Being drowned to death
  17. Being exiled into remote lands with lethal environments
  18. Being crushed to pieces
  19. Death by impalation
  20. Being keelhauled
  21. Disembowelment
  22. Death by electric chair
  23. Zombification (and then getting shot in the head)
  24. Death by Death Touch
  25. Being stoned to death
  26. Being tied to a cannon and killed
  27. Death by Velociraptor
  28. Death by piranhas
  29. Death by shark
  30. Death flight
  31. Decapitation
  32. Prison for life (the prisoner could die in the prison)
  33. Lethal injection

Imprisonment forms

NOTE: This does not account for the prison type.

  1. Prison for life
  2. Prison for years
  3. Prison for months
  4. Prison for weeks
  5. Prison for days

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