This page is the policy of this wikia. Even though this is a wiki for personal projects and creations, you still need to obey the rules.

No spamming/vandalism

Spamming is one of the unacceptable behavior in this wiki. You can spam in your own userpage but not on pages. You may get a warning and the next time would get banned or a 'group removal'.

No profanity

Profanity isn't allowed if you are insulting other person. However, rude terms or medical terms such as suck, stupid, moron, penis, are allowed as long as you aren't insulting people.

No remove groups' rights on purpose.

If you are an admin, don't remove people's rights unless they disobey the policies on purpose.

Other rules

  • You MUST place your username in parentheses next to your creation, like this:  The MLGShrekkr (username).  Replace "username" with your actual username.  Simple.
  • You also must add the "Someone Else's Creations" category to your creation, to avoid confusion.
  • It MUST be appropriate.  It cannot be something that is nude, pornographic, sexually explicit, or obscene.
  • It needs to be legible so that people can clearly understand what you made.
  • Do not copy someone else's creations.
  • Avoid editing other people's ideas without their permission.  EXCEPTION:  Admins and Content Mods like me still have the right to delete pornographic material.

Things to note and acceptable terms

The policies will change and can be edited anytime when some are missing. Also, excessive caps are still acceptable. And feel free to create threads about any subjects.