The Illuminati is a secret organization in the TOTMGsRock Universe hell-bent on world domination.


The Illuminati.


The Illuminati is the most dangerous organization of villains in all universes, and they are responsible for numerous conspiracies and plots.


  • Conspiracies made by the Illuminati include: Rigging of poll-related results, censorship, bribery, blackmail, destabilization, assassination, espionage, causing chaos, turning people into Flat Earthers, hacking, orchestrating the death of celebrities, etc.
  • The Illuminati also has full control over all crime in the universe.
  • Donald Trump is the leader of illuminati.


  • The Illuminati is also used in memes.
  • The Illuminati is not actually from this universe. The Illuminati is from the Milky Way Earth, and ended up here quite by accident, when they stumbled upon a rip in the space-time continuum, got sucked inside, and came out at TOT-Earth.