The Illuminati Embodiment
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The Illuminati Embodiment

The Illuminati Embodiment is the physical embodiment of the Illuminati.

The Illuminati Embodiment

The Illuminati Embodiment. (ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED)


The Illuminati Embodiment is a green triangle with a red eye and a mouth. He is the arch-rival and villain of TOTMGsRock. He can fire devastating projectiles called Projectriangles from his eyes, brainwash people, control people's minds, telepathically communicate with members of the Illuminati, pop up devastating weapons from inside his body, telepathically cause victims to become engulfed in fear and/or other negative emotions, etc. With a TOTMGsRock Creature Index of 22, he rivals TOTMGsRock in power.


The Illuminati Embodiment was obviously based off of the Illuminati, a secret organization hell-bent on complete world domination.

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