TOTMGsRock is the TOTVMosasaurus who has created the TOTMGsRock Universe.


TOTMGsRock is a cyborg TOTVMosasaurus of which the only thing organic about him is parts of his brain and intestines. He is the most powerful TOTVMosasaurus in the TOTMGsRock Universe, with a TOTMGsRock Creature Index of 22. His powers are the same as that of other TOTVMosasauridae, but also with the added ability to create entire universes at will (whereas other TOTVMosasauridae can only create a universe every 1,000 years).

Recently he has created an immensely-technologically-advanced assault suit of armor that can absorb energy, blast it back at enemies, and even continue to generate it for future use.

Ultimate form

TOTMGsRock has an ultimate form. In his ultimate form, he changes his body composition into 97.627% Annihilium Destructite, making him glow red. In this form, he has immensely increased strength, speed, agility, and power.


  • Despite TOTMGsRock being the creator of this universe, he is the SECOND character to be created by the wiki's founder of the same name.
  • His left eye used to look exactly like other TOTVMosasauridae but the skin-imitating matter that was covering the cybernetic circuitry was torn off by a powerful enemy. With no time to waste, TOTMG had to create a cybernetic eyepiece for his eye.
  • He used to be fully organic, but an attack by all the members of the Illuminati overwhelmed his healing factor and dismembered him badly. Left to die on an alien planet, a liquid rush of hyper-smart alien metal suddenly engulfed him, and he re-emerged as his cybernetic self you see today.

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