The TOTMGsRock Creature Index (or TOTCI in short) is a scale that measures the general power of a character by showing a number. The higher the number, the stronger the character being measured.

Index info

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at

Normal Human

Main article: Normal humans

Normal humans are humans with no special powers.


Main article: Metahumans

Metahumans are humans with special powers and have superhuman capabilities

Human Cyborg

Main article: Cyborgs

Human cyborgs are humans of which part or most of their body are cybernetic.


Main article: Robots

Robots are completely cybernetic organisms.

Super Metahuman

Main article: Metahumans

Super Metahumans are metahumans with almost godlike powers.


Main article: Supernatural Beings

There are many types of supernatural beings, including TOTVMosasauridae, general Gods, demons, Illuminati Embodiments, etc.

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