The TOTVMosasauridae are the most powerful species in the TOTMGsRock Universe.


TOTVMosasauridae look like normal TOTVMs, except that they have limbs and can eat literally anything. They also fight against the Illuminati.

Powers of TOTVMosasauridae

Totvmoe eyeshowing2

The appearance of TOTMGsRock, the most powerful being of his species

TOTVMosasauridae are practically omnipotent; they have virtually every single super power, including Super Strength (can lift over 900 geopfugagargantugoogolplex tons; TOTMGsRock's strength is pretty much infinitefugagargantu-infinite), super speed (can travel at TOTVMSpeed which is 999 geopfugagargantugoogolplex parsecs per yoctosecond), can fire Death Beams (the most powerful form of projectile), can regenerate extremely fast, turn into a giant hybrid shark, has an IQ that is so large that it is incomprehensible to ANYONE except themselves, and can cause someone to undergo nuclear fusion with a flick of a finger. TOTVMosasauridae also have immensely acute senses, and 10 of them at that. The 6th one is the typical electro-sensing of sharks, the 7th one is the ability to sense when someone's near (similar to that of Spiderman from Marvel), the 8th one is the ability to track prey through their telepathic footprint, the 9th one is the ability to detect what's going on anywhere in the TOTMGsRock Universe, and the 10th is the ability to sense the species of anything in the universe. They can also teleport to virtually anywhere they choose, they can defy the laws of physics and do things like speaking in space, they don't require food, water, sleep, or oxygen to survive (but they are stronger when they get enough food and water), they can possess people, gain remote control over the internet, are immune to mental intrusion or brainwashing of any kind, can breathe underwater indefinitely (since they have gills), eat literally anything, are immune to all diseases (including parasites and the diseases caused by them), toxins, negative magic spells (for example, Avada Kedavra does not work on TOTVMosasauridae), and allergies, etc.

They can process images and information decillions of times faster than The Flash.

TOTVMosasauridae are pretty much gods (they cannot live infinitely, but their average lifespan is 30 billion years). For this reason, very few of them exist.  Some TOTVMosasauridae like TOTMGsRock are cyborgs of their kind, meaning that most of their body parts – although they look organic on the outside – are actually cybernetic.

Famous TOTVMosasauridae

TOTMGsRock, the very creator of the TOTMGsRock Universe itself and the main protagonist in the universe. Not to be confused with this wiki's Bureaucrat who goes by the same name.


TOTVMosasauridae technically have no weakness. Equally-powerful organisms are the only ones capable of killing TOTVMosasauridae, but the TOTVMosasauridae also have an equal capability to kill them.


Technically, the cells of TOTVMosasauridae still need oxygen to produce energy. However, the red blood cells of TOTVMosasauridae generate oxygen by themselves. Also, TOTVMosasauridae can live for billions of years because they have outrageously-long telomeres in their DNA. A telomere is a region of repetitive nucleotide sequences at each end of a chromosome, which protects the end of the chromosome from deterioration. A newborn baby typically has a telomere length of 11 kilobases. In a newborn TOTVMosasaurus, the telomere length averages at 700 petabases. This explains why TOTVMosasauridae can live so long.


TOTVMosasauridae are based on Bloons Tower Defense 5 and BMC's TOTVMs (Temple of the Vengeful Monkey).



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