The Illuminati Embodiment
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The Illuminati Embodiment

The TOTentration Camp System, a.k.a. the TOT-Gulag System, is a system of concentration camps located in an inhospitable planet called Gulagus. The concentration camps that this system runs are designed to punish dangerous threats to the world like Donald Trump.


It is a system of concentration camps. Trumpsters and other dangerous world-killers get sent there.

Dealing with superpowered villains

If a superpowered villain is imprisoned there, then the gulag guards will put power-draining things on him/her accordingly to prevent him/her from breaking out.


The guards are not normal guards. In fact, ALL of the guards are highly-intelligent metahumans that have mastered various fighting skills, and for good reason. The inmates in the gulag are highly dangerous and possibly have superpowers, so the guards must be stronger and smarter than the inmates to contain them.

Who runs the TOT-Gulag?

Who do you think?

Current Population

Number of Guards: 10 million

Alive Inmates: 70 million, plus PkmnQ

Inmates that have died: 100 million

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